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Volunteers Are Key To Disaster Response

Interview On The Impact During Natural Disasters

Hank and Justin with Do Good interview Todd Terrell with the United Cajun Navy to share just how vital volunteers are to disaster relief.

Do Good Interviews United Cajun Navy President, Todd Terrell on the impact during Natural Disasters and the importance of volunteers.

Disasters across the nation have been increasing in frequency and severity according to Dr. Botts with Core Logic, making organizations like the United Cajun Navy incredibly vital. 

The first responders to these disasters are actually the citizens themselves… people who risk their lives to save those in need.

Mobilizing volunteers to organize boats, gather supplies, and rescue people trapped in their homes is the key ingredient to disaster response, especially in the gulf coast states.

With organizations like Core Logic, Do Good, and the United Cajun Navy working together we can prepare for the next disaster.

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